Always Look For The Silver Lining


Feeling Down on your luck?

Always Look For The Silver Lining

Reasons to hire a Business Consultant


Top Reasons to hire a Small Business Consultant

1. A Business Consultant Provides Valuable Unbiased Independent Feedback about your business.

2. Business Consultants provide solutions to specific problems or issues your business maybe facing.

3. Business Consultants Analyze,Project,Diagnose,Criticize & critique with a level of professional services that may not be present in your Business.

4.Business Consultants Help you plan for the future in A well organized manner.

5. Business Consultants Serve as great Motivator for you and your team.

In summary a qualified Business Consultant can serve as a Valuable asset for your Business and help you better Organize,Analyze,Plan & Operate your Business Concern.
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Why Incorporate Your Business?

Why Incorporate Your Business?

:Asset Protection- Operating as a corporation or LLC ,provides better asset protection then a Sole proprietorship.

Example A. Sole Proprietorship

let’s say your business which is operating as Sole proprietorship ,gets sued by a vendor,the vendor receives a $50,000 judgement against your business.As a Sole proprietorship,not only is your business responsible for this judgement,but any other property such as your house can also be levied or lien placed to collect on this judgement.

Example B. S Corporation

Now let’s assume the same $50,000 judgement above,but now you are operating a S Corporation. The vendor can only enforce the judgement Against your S corporation,protecting all of your personal assets such as your home etc.

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Incorporations Business Entity Selections


Choosing a Business Entity?

Deciding to start a business is an exciting decision. But determining how you should formally organize and structure it can be intimidating. At best, the determination is often the result of a kind of calculus that looks at formation expense, personal liability protection, potential tax savings, and the complexity of ongoing compliance formalities. At worst, the aspiring entrepreneur merely slides into business and ends up with a business structure they neither intend nor understand.
Nonetheless, one of the very first and most important decisions you must make is what type of business entity your new business will be. Its absolutely critical to your future success and survival.

Taxation—A corporation is treated as a separate tax entity that is distinct from its shareholders. As such, the corporation is taxed on all its profits. However, a corporation can elect to be taxed like a partnership by filing IRS Form 2553. When it makes this election it is referred to as an S-corporation.