Form a Delaware Corporation?



Form a Delaware Corporation?

Forming a new business entity can be intimidating and that is why we are here to help. Inside our free download packages and videos you will find everything you will need to form your company. Here is the link to  Our  package includes: a process overview, a checklist, a worksheet, instructions, name reservation, certificate of formation, document filing sheet, combined registration application, and IRS forms SS-4 and 8832.

There are three things that deserve special attention when forming your company. They are naming your company, selecting a registered agent, and determining your management structure. We will start with naming your company. Select two or three names that you like and confirm the availability of those names on the Delaware Secretary of State’s website. If your name is available you can reserve it for 120 days after paying a $75.00 fee.

Next you must designate a registered agent for service of process. The registered agent may be either an individual or a business authorized to do business in Delaware that resides in the state, has a Delaware street address, and consents to accept legal papers on your company’s behalf.

Finally, you must determine the management structure of your company. You have two choices; member-managed or manager-managed. Most LLCs are member-managed, meaning each member is a manager. You will specify your structure choice in your operating agreement.

Now you are ready to complete the certificate of formation. You must enter all the relevant information: company name, registered agent name and address, the date, and the printed name and signature of each organizer. Next complete the document filing sheet and include all of the requested information in the spaces provided. Submit the completed documents to the Delaware Secretary of State. A stamped copy of the certificate of formation will be mailed to you. This document should be kept with your company records.

You must also apply for a Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) on IRS Form SS-4, file IRS Form 8832 if electing alternative tax filing status, open a company bank account and complete the Combined Registration Application.

This blog is just a general overview of how to form a Delaware LLC. For more detailed information please visit:


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